What's new?

BBM is now offering deep cleanings with hospital grade solutions.

For a small additional fee, you can get the a premium cleaning with the use of hospital grade cleaning products to disinfect the areas as they thorougly clean the home. These are highly recommended products by CDC or approved by EPA. Check out the link below!

EPA Approved DIsinfectant List

Cleaning is like scratching the surface. When you use strong proper disinfectants, you kill and prevent illneses that you didn't even know where there all along.  

How do I know if I need this?

If you ever wonder why you're always sick all the time, get pink eyes, get allergies then you might want to think about your environment and consider deep cleaning and disinfecting your home. Your office, home, and car are in the fact the places where you spend most of the time. You know, perhaps you just need a fresh start with everyone in the house!

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